Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery distinguished with the Simancas Tourist Quality seal

The Simancas City Council has awarded Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery the Simancas Tourist Quality seal.
With this brand distinction, Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery’s commitment to quality, credibility and consumer confidence is certified.
Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery will always be in those initiatives of excellence, since that philosophy is in the DNA of the Gallery.
Yesterday at the delivery of the plaque, we recap the year and a half long road and despite the adverse circumstances that we have had to live through, it could not have been more positive.
Ten exhibitions with top-level artists, artists from twenty countries, more than five hundred visitors, a continuous program with a variety of artistic proposals and new proposals that will soon be a reality.
We are an undeniable cultural engine, attracting visitors to the Villa week after week, providing our seal of quality.
We are going to continue walking, enjoying the journey and taking art wherever they want to receive the embrace of creation.
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