I International Meeting of Contemporary Jewelry in Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery

“We are still excited about our exhibition,” explains its director Salvador Vico. Everything is ready for our 44 selected ones to exhibit their work. As we have already mentioned, this is a contemporary jewelery meeting with capital letters, with artists from all over the world ”.
Vico continues to announce: “From the organization we have also wanted to recognize the work in favor of contemporary jewelery carried out by the School of Art 3, the official school of public education in Madrid, inviting them to participate in our meeting with a selection of representative works of the work they do. Likewise, we have also invited Ana Pina, Portuguese architect, artist and jeweler, founder and curator of the contemporary jewelry gallery Tincal Lab in Porto, for her invaluable work, both in her country and in the rest of the world, organizing annual exhibitions of an international character ”.
For his part, Pablo Santamaría, CEO and co-founder, together with Yolanda Martínez, of Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery, stresses, as organizer of the exhibition, that “this first meeting marks the beginning of a path that will continue year after year full of challenges and incentives ”.
“As it is worldwide,” Pablo Santamaría emphasizes, “it means continuing to bet on the philosophy with which our gallery was born, which is its international projection, both in the selection of artists and in the gallery’s participation in events worldwide. . A year has passed since the opening of the gallery and we are in a position to say that it has been a year full of success, both for us and for Simancas ”.
“We have organized nine exhibitions, we have linked national and international artists, we have worked with the Simancas City Council and with its mayor Alberto Plaza Martín in different events organized by the municipality, we have capillarized in Simancas society and, more importantly, we have created a contemporary art space in a rural environment, very much ours and with worldwide expansion, whose reference is in the General Archive of Simancas ”.
Pablo Santamaría concludes: “Since the gallery began on October 1, 2020, without doing so intentionally, contemporary jewelry has been accompanying us continuously until we reach this great event that we are very excited to be able to create, strengthen and maintain over time successfully.
More than 40 selected artists, more than 17 participating nationalities, a first-rate jury, a unique environment, a top gallery and a professional organization will make this first meeting a success and a benchmark ”.
• Lynne Speake (Reino Unido) • Rocío Gil (España) • Roberto Zanon (Italia) • Anne Luz Castellanos (Argentina)
• Julia Ortega (España). • Faye Hall (Reino Unido) • Fabiana Fusco (Italia). • David Atozki (España)
• Laura Gualda (España) • Marta Kleinrok (Polonia) • María García (España) • Poli Iglesias (Argentina)
• Carol Bergocce (Brasil) • Nesrin Yesilmen (Turquía) • Carmen López (España) • Clara del Papa (Italia)
• Nina Bashirian (Irán). • Svetlana Prigoditch (Holanda) • Patricia Harsany (Hungría) • Leticia Maggio (Italia)
• Elena Larren (España) • Patricia Aguiló (España) • Taibe Palacios (Chile) • Claude Lescar (Francia)
• Inma Amor (España) • Chama Navarro (España) • Bárbara Laso (España) • Alexandra Prelipcean (Rumanía)
• Rita Escarlata (España) • Cristina Martín (España) • Alice Protopopescu (Rumanía) • Tinteforti (Italia)
• Evelin Penna (Argentina) • Dolores García (España) • Ani Flys (España) • Iro Kaskani (Chipre)
• Patricia Guerra (España) • Juan José Loscos (España) • Elvira Cibotti (Argentina) • Juanjo García (España)
• Metal Rojo (Chile). • Rosa García García (España) • Lucía Laredo (Perú)
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