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Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery jury of the first photography prize of the XXII concentration Ruedas Raras in Toro (Zamora)

  You may be wondering what a Contemporary Art Gallery is doing at a Motorcycle Concentration? Well, the answer is that when one “lives” the world of motorcycles, one soaks up experiences that are reflected in photographs that deserve to be shared. And this is what our friends from the XXII Ruedas Raras concentration in

Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery distinguished with the Simancas Tourist Quality seal

The Simancas City Council has awarded Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery the Simancas Tourist Quality seal. With this brand distinction, Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery’s commitment to quality, credibility and consumer confidence is certified. Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery will always be in those initiatives of excellence, since that philosophy is in the DNA of the Gallery. Yesterday

Premier of the I International Meeting Contemporary Jewelry en Simancas

Premier of the I International Meeting Contemporary Jewelry en Simancas Tomorrow, Saturday, December 11, at 7:00 p.m., the I International Meeting of Contemporary Jewelry opens at Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery in Simancas (Valladolid). In addition to the 44 artists selected from around the world, there are five of the finalists of the 11th International Art

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