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I International Meeting of Contemporary Jewelry in Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery

“We are still excited about our exhibition,” explains its director Salvador Vico. Everything is ready for our 44 selected ones to exhibit their work. As we have already mentioned, this is a contemporary jewelery meeting with capital letters, with artists from all over the world ”. Vico continues to announce: “From the organization we have

Backyard Arte Gallery, Contemporary Art in the heart of Simancas

Pablo Gómez talks about art in Más de Uno Valladolid with Raúl Rodríguez. @backyardartegallery  www.backyardartegallery.com The exhibition ‘Surensoñando’ shows how it is possible to enjoy Parque de Doñana and the Guadalquivir from the heart of Simancas. Stand out the next International Contemporary Jewelry meeting at Backyard Arte Gallery Backyard Arte Gallery that emphasizes the creator

Backyard Arte Gallery puts the accent on the creator of rural environment

Carlos Caraja from CaraaCara and Pablo Gómez from Backyard Arte Gallery, a national reference in the visual arts. @backyardartegallery @CaraaCara The exhibition ‘A un paso’ demonstrates Simancas’ relationship with the ability to create. Fourteen diverse and complementary perspectives converge in a multidisciplinary exhibition, which emphasizes the creator of rural areas, from Backyard Arte Simancas Gallery

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